Logos Dei Kids

Logos Dei Kids exists to share the good news of Jesus with our children in partnership with their families, nurturing them on their journey to becoming authentic disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Commitment to Families

Scripture is clear that families have been given the joy and responsibility of raising their children in the ways of Jesus. Recognizing that parents are the primary spiritual nurturers of their children, Logos Dei Kids supports families as they take the lead in the spiritual development of their children. We are deeply committed to walking alongside families in order to support, encourage, and equip them with experiences and tools for building faith in their children.

Our Commitment to Children

Logos Dei Kids nourishes each child’s spiritual formation as they discover the personal, transforming love of Jesus Christ. Our children will encounter God through story, ritual and relationships, both at home and with Logos Dei Kids.

Story – Through a variety of creative venues, Logos Dei Kids will encounter the living God through His living Word. As children explore God’s story in the Bible, it is imprinted on their hearts and carried with them the rest of their lives.

Ritual – Rituals and traditions root us in family identity, give us a sense of belonging, and impart values in powerful, transformative ways. Logos Dei Kids will participate in rituals that connect them with a larger community of Christ followers, both in and out of corporate worship.

Relationship – God created us for relationship. Healthy, loving relationships build security in children and provide the framework for understanding the most important relation they will ever explore: the one with God Himself! Logos Dei Kids will experience fulfilling relationships with peers, teachers, their own family and the larger faith community.

Preschool Ministry

Logos Dei kids provides a loving, secure, age appropriate environment for even the youngest members of our faith community. Because we believe that spiritual development begins at birth, our teachers and helpers are committed to modeling the love of Jesus and planting seeds of spiritual truth in the hearts of children.

We are passionate about engaging the hearts and minds of children while teaching God's biblical truth. Every Logos Dei Kids Preschool experience will reflect one of the following foundational truths:

  • God made everything
  • God is in charge of everything
  • God is good
  • God wants to talk with us
  • Jesus came to save sinners

Spiritual formation, built on God's Word, captured by imagination, and expressed through creativity, inspires a faith that bears fruit for the kingdom of God. It is our hope that these truths take a firm hold of our children's hearts and are carried with them for the rest of their lives.

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