Underneath the guidance of Jesus are leaders who are simply qualified Christians who follow Jesus and encourage others to follow him as well.  Our formal leadership structure involves elders and church members.

Elders and Pastors

The word elder is synonymous with the words pastor, bishop, steward, shepherd, presbyter and overseer.  In other words, these are all terms used to describe the same role.  Elders are simply "servants who lead". 

The Logos Dei Church Elders serve as the primary spiritual leaders of the church, continually asking the question, "What is God calling us to be and to do?"  Being summoned by Jesus to do his work under Him, in His likeness, and for His sake, Elders are responsible to God for watching over, guiding and protecting, and nurturing the community.

Sam Hestorff, Lead Pastor          

Tim Ingram, Elder; Missional Communities

Darrell Stefany, Elder; Marketing and Outreach

Greg Weaver, Elder; Logos Dei Kids



Logos Dei Church relies on members to support our ministry and to carry out much of the work required to help accomplish our mission to have as many people meet Jesus as possible. It’s a high calling that takes hard work—but it’s also the most rewarding work.

The leadership of Logos Dei Church strives to love and care for its members well. In turn, we rely on our members to accomplish our collective work as the church. As an organization, we operate with minimal staff, budget, and programming because we trust the Holy Spirit to move through the transformed hearts of our members, mobilizing the collective body of Christ in humble ways to love the city, love our family, and glorify God on his terms.

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